Katie Smith who is the Ohio State product and native of Logan has been named as one among the top 20 most influential and greatest players. She was the former player of football and the top 20 list was generated during the 20th anniversary season of the basketball league.

Smith has played for almost 14 years in WNBA in addition to a stint for 2 years with Columbus Quest of the Basketball League of America wherein the Quest was led by her to championships in 2 seasons of league. The 5 feet 11 inches Smith made her entry in the Minnesota Lynx in the year 1999 to play 7 seasons with the team and managed to lead the WNBA thrice in minutes. She led the league when she scored in 2001 as she earned 23.1 points on an average per game.

In 2008, Smith was traded to Detroit and made the Shock to achieve 2 league titles in the year 2006 and 2008. The lady also played for Seattle Storm in 2011-12 and New York Liberty in the year 2013. She then completed her career as one of the leading scorers in the history of Women’s basketball.

She is now the assistant coach with New York but played at Ohio State from 1992 to 1996. She won 3 Olympic gold medals for the U.S in 2000, 2004 and also in 2008. She was also known as the 7 time all star in WNBA – if anyone was goint to teach you how to bet on basketball, it was atie Smith, as everything she touched turned to gold!

In addition to Katie Smith, the other former players that were named with Smith included Yolanda Griffith, Lisa Leslie, Tina Thompson, Lauren Jackson, Becky Hammom, and many more. The WNBA being a professional basketball league in U.S founded in the year 1996, it is quite a glad moment for Katie Smith to have received such recognition. WNBA is the counterpart of women to National Basketball Association.