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Tough Challenge For Australia

Clash of the stage in a pivotal match against the Lithuanians who are considered to be heavy weights is what Australia will face on Tuesday. The Australians have to make a mark once again as they strive for a breakthrough performance after their strike back quality.

Australians were back with a bang on Sunday as they strived against the South Koreans. Their victory was thumping with 34 point. A daunting task awaits them on Tuesday (AEST- Wednesday morning). They will clash with Lithuania who is the ranked fourth in the world. Their aims and hopes are high and want to stay on course in Spain to clinch their maiden World Cup title.

To keep their hopes alive, they will have to win the group game that too the third one at Gran Canaria. To top their group it is a golden chance and if they can convert it into a winning one then they have the upper edge. Owing by the conditions of the tournament and also the track record, the feat has not been managed to be converted at least 10 times.

In comparison with Lithuania, Australia had lost the opening match to Slovenia, hailed as an upset. Lithuania on the other hand tasted early success Against Angola and Mexico. But the runners up of the Champions of Europe of 2015 are not without loopholes as they are devoid of their captain and key figure Mantas Kalnietis as he suffered from collarbone injury which ruled him out of the team.

Head coach of the Australians stated that the loss is huge and how the team will manage without the key figure is to be seen. Despite, the loss the team still looks in good shape and with necessary changes the team is going to bounce back. With a good defence they have the talent to turn things.

McCollum Could Be Significant

2 years back, Trail Blazers (Portland) used their 6th overall selection of NBA Draft list to select Damian Lillard. The Weber point guard was simply excellent & is on his way to come up as a great star soon. Last year, the team selected another good small school athlete, C.J. McCollum with the hope to have a similar glorious feat but the Lehigh guard got sadly injured & appeared in only thirty games past season.

According to experts, McCollum could actually be a huge thing for this team this time if he stays healthy.
The Leigh guard missed more than half of the rookie season given injury issues which was quite a bad luck for him as ell as his team. but then if his performances at summer league are to be taken as indication of his improved fitness level – then Blazers can safely expect some great showmanship from this 22-year-old reserved shooting guard. McCollum’s continuous progression might be what his team needs now since additional productivity was missing off bench. McCollum has that type of ability & game which would act as a great motivation for coming up with a really positive performance.

With Portland Blazers requiring salary cap for re-signing big star player LaMarcus Aldridge after the 2014-15 session & eventually requiring space for the extension of Damian Lillard, it is going to be hard for the team to add on many pieces. This implies that Blazers’ key to the future lies in the question that whether improving starts like McCollum would be ready to take on the next plunge.  The 22-year-old has averaged 1.3 rebounds and 5.3 points per game whilst shooting 41.6 percent from the game field as well as 37.5 percent from beyond arc & 67 percent from free throw in the last 2014-15 season.