Group C of fatal is what the tall blacks have been plunged to after Dominican Republic defeating them by 76- 63. The fire was missing from the players of New Zealand which they showed up earlier against Turkey. They are now trailing by 0-2 in Spain.

Now they have three opponents left, out of which they have to play against the United States, it is do or die for them as they have to defeat Ukraine and Finland on Thursday and Friday respectively. Then only will they have a bleak chance of entering the round of straight appearance and be a part of the stage of knockout.

The shot looks extremely long. Francisco Garcia of the Dominican was the torch bearer whom the New Zealand players could not match up to. With 29 high points Garcia scored 11 out of 15 in terms of shooting. Despite, Tom Abercrombie’s sole performance from the side of New Zealand the team could not match up. 4 rebounds and 22 points is what he fetched for his team.

Mika Vukona scored 11 and Kirk Penny scored 16 points. The effort was enthralling. The match was a turn around one for the Tall Blacks. They had also missed 18 chances against the Turks just 18 hours before their match against them. They were in no match to the verve in the early part of the game. Their shooting was poor in comparison to the opponent. In the first half itself the Dominicans were leading by 34- 27.

Dominicans showed true spirit and in the quarter of closing the shots kept on pouring. The team had confidence with double figure lead giving them the much needed break. The Tall Blacks had plunged themselves in the gloomy hole from which they could not recover anytime given the thrashing.