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Smith In Top 20 List Of WNBA

Katie Smith who is the Ohio State product and native of Logan has been named as one among the top 20 most influential and greatest players. She was the former player of football and the top 20 list was generated during the 20th anniversary season of the basketball league.

Smith has played for almost 14 years in WNBA in addition to a stint for 2 years with Columbus Quest of the Basketball League of America wherein the Quest was led by her to championships in 2 seasons of league. The 5 feet 11 inches Smith made her entry in the Minnesota Lynx in the year 1999 to play 7 seasons with the team and managed to lead the WNBA thrice in minutes. She led the league when she scored in 2001 as she earned 23.1 points on an average per game. Read More

Dominican Republic Thrashes NZ

Group C of fatal is what the tall blacks have been plunged to after Dominican Republic defeating them by 76- 63. The fire was missing from the players of New Zealand which they showed up earlier against Turkey. They are now trailing by 0-2 in Spain.

Now they have three opponents left, out of which they have to play against the United States, it is do or die for them as they have to defeat Ukraine and Finland on Thursday and Friday respectively. Then only will they have a bleak chance of entering the round of straight appearance and be a part of the stage of knockout. Read More

Bairstow Bullish on Performance

At the same time last year Cameron Bairstow was not featuring in the NBA club’s radar which is appalling now as he is in good action. A new opportunity awaits him in the following month where he can trace the footsteps of assistant coach Luc Longley of the Boomers. Thereafter he can line up to the Chicago Bulls who featured in the draft 2 after being picked 41.

Being 23, he made sure that he converted his chances with 13 points along with three rebounds barely in 15 minutes. Impressive style at the court with 89-55 by Australia outnumbering the South Koreans was seen in the second round match at Spain where the World Championship is underway. The Australians were back on track with the triumph especially after a dismal performance against Slovenia with 90-80 loss in the first game.

Bairstow himself admitted that he is somewhat of a late developer whose stats read- 208 cm, 114 kg as his weight but calls it misfortune or bad timing he could not make it up to the U19 team of Australia. Soon after he was awarded with a scholarship to Canberra with AIS. He soon found his place on the roster in the system of American College in New Mexico Lobos. He stated that they were in short of the best recruit. He had however had the ethics of work stated the coach of New Mexico- Craig Neal. Accordingly, he would gulp down dog food if he was to become a better basketball player.

He always aimed to play at the highest position which was his dream from youth. All the family members are competitive coming from a basketball family. His elder brother and sister were in the junior teams along with the younger sibling splaying for their college respectively.